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hey tmac1956, I started out in the spare bedroom, now after 2 more shop spaces I am planning a bigger nicer space, I have managed to fill up the floor and wall space already, you are right about not having too much storage….some things I like out in the open yet off the bench, seems to make finding what I need a little faster being able to see it verses looking into drawers. my wife had bought me the one I refurbished, the one I decided to stain a maroon color, as a gift for our anniversary, what a woman!!!!! I have to like that one best and is my main watch repair bench, the others have designated jobs, the old jewelers bench is my solder, benchblock, pounding, filing and tool storage area, the other is my clock bushing machine area, storing bushings, clock tools, oils, ect ect….I like them all, the one has a groove on the top front edge which has saved clock gears and bushings from rolling off, the other has a flat pull out drawer that has a piece of tin on it for soldering ect…non of them are wide enough to fit my taste, not that I am wide but it appears I am getting there… just had a thought, maybe find a chair you would like to use and be comfortable for several hours of sitting and make the height of your bench accordingly, I think I need to think about that as one of the stools I use cuts off circulation in my legs after long periods of time. I better stop for now, see yah and have fun, William


Thanks for pointing out the height issue. I’m 6′-2″ and I have a nice adjustable padded stool. After going back and measuring my situation, it looks like my work benches (if the work is up high enough to not be stooped over all of the time) need to be 50″ high. This is 14″ higher than the standard height.


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