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Well said David! :)
The diverse backgrounds of people that come to this forum add to the value of it. All too often we think we know the best way or methods to achive something only to be shown differently by someone who is new to horology.
I love this forum, by helping newer members it also helps us to learn and along the way we make new friends and meet like minded people who dont fall into a coma as soon as you start talking about clocks or watches. I think you are right David, I am sure there are members who for one reason or another don’t want to post but I am sure they still learn from this forum and that is what its all about.
Bob told me a while back that he started this forum so there was some support for people after they had watched the videos. This was a great idea on his part and I for one (and I am sure all other forum members) appreciate the time and energy he spends on making sure it works as it should and for answering posts when we get stuck.
I have been on a few other horology forums and they can be a nasty place, safe to say I no longer bother with them, life is to short to be arguing about who makes the best cleaning solution or who uses the best forms of lubrication.
To those of you who read the forums and dont post, please dont ever feel if you do have a question that it is going to receive a bad reply, we all had to start somewhere and please belive me when I say I have asked more than my fair share of “dumb” questions. There is nothing “dumb” about asking a question, it is only dumb if you dont ask :)

As per what tools to buy, I use the cheapest screwdrivers I can find and stone the tips to the sizes I need, they work for me and one day I will buy better quality. My tweezers are used from e-bay, I had to tidy some of them up to make them serviceable but they work and parts dont fly out of them, well not unless I am being clumsy.
Horology is no different to any other pastime, You get your top notch (usually over priced) equipment, mid range, which is normaly more than adequate, and cheap, which you can take a gamble on and try but it might not come up to scratch. Dont be frightened of buying stuff used, you can then get quality tools at lower prices just because they dont come in wrappers. Do do your research, a guy who teaches me the stuff I cant do thinks that horology books are written by writers and not by horologists. Not true in every case but every now and again I do read stuff that makes me laugh. Dont just read one book and take it as law, just as it is on this forum, there are different views and just beacuse you have read it in black and white dont think it must be right, cross check it with a different author ,and see what they have to say on the subject.
Enough for now, I am sure I am boring everyone rigid! :)


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