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david pierce
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Both brass and stainless are non magnetic which is good for watch work. Brass is soft and stainless is much harder. The Bergeon set that was mentioned in a previous post is a good set that works well and is affordable. There are more expensive screwdrivers for sale but in the end all it does is turn a screw. If you are on a budget you can purchase a less expensive set and buy the Bergeon tips. I bought a set from FINDING KING on Ebay, retapped the clamping screw holes and replaced the screws with small set screws. If you don’t want to do this go ahead and get the Bergeon’s; they work. Dumont tweezers can also get expensive but I found a different set on Ebay called STELLA that was excellent, non magnetic and very inexpensive ($ 30.00 for the set). VIOLA tweezers are also excellent and cost less than DUMONT. DUMONT tweezers are excellent and cost a lot. There is no reason to go overboard with the loupes either. The Bausch and Lomb 5x and Bausch and Lomb 10x double lens are all that you will need to get started. The last items I can think of for a starter kit are a set of inexpensive plastic ring movement holders some pith and cheap bamboo skewers (from the local market).

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