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@david pierce wrote:

I think your timing problem has to do with the center of mass which is adjusted with the MERIDIAN SCREWS on the balance wheel.

Hi David,
what concerned me about your post was if you take it from the perspective of someone with little knowledge and they come on the forum to ask a question they are ready to take in whatever advice is offered as they consider us to have suitable knowledge. Just by stating you think the problem could be this could lead someone with inexperience to then try adjusting the balance screws. Without having the watch in front of you to inspect it how could you possibly make this assumption? If you had worded it differently and said the balance screws might have been adjusted by the previous owner or repairer so bear this in mind if the watch is still losing time once it has been serviced then that would have been better.
Again this is the problem with text as it can be taken the wrong way as you seem to have taken mine the wrong way. I didnt mean any offence and if I have caused you any then I am sorry.

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