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Thank you for your expertise. You have sold me 100% on the Taig lathe. While at work today, I went through their catalog of accessories and was blown away as to how many accessories come from the factory alone.

Then I searched Google; holy crap. You can get anything for that lathe. My problem with a lot of specialty tools has always been the lack of standardization. It seems that Taig has tried everything to make their product standardized as widely as they can. Smart.

I suppose I should have elaborated on the gunsmithing. I really have no interest in milling out rifle or pistol receivers. I am more interested in making any small parts I need to customize my own guns, as well as do small derringer type builds with mostly hand tools, and machine the rest. Black powder is perfect for this type of work, I would think. Although I have read about people milling out AR-15 receivers with the Harbor Freight Mini-Mill. I don’t have a lot of interest in that, though, as I already have plenty of AR-15s around.

Anyway, I will add the ER-16 headstock to the list. My only question about this is: The ER-16 headstock is advertised as being for the Taig Mill. But I would assume that it is the same mount for the lathe, correct?

Thank you again for all of your help.

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