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    Hey guys, David, I want to tell you I really appreciate your insight and knowledge on the lathes and such ;) , thank you!!!! it helps us out ssssooooo much. you are a great asset to us all….. a couple of questions I have is what kind of tooling are you thinking that is usually missing on these Jacot pivot polishers, and are there things that can be made to accomplish the task if one finds a cheaper one, also is the tooling generally interchangeable from one jacot to another….. I did find one for $100.00 and had to make a bow and the little fork thingy that spins the wheel, it has a good assortment of runners and appears to be true, one of the plates with holes one had a chip out of it. otherwise seems to be alright….and one more question 🙄 , if you have a proper lathe set up I am assuming you can accomplish the tasks that the jacot does BUT what do you think the cost for setting up a lathe in that fashion would be???? William