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thank you for the very kind comments. I feel very lucky being a member of this forum. I have learnt so much from it and hope I manage to give something useful back. If Bob could find a way of showing prospective course customers how much more they get than just the videos I think it would help his sales no end :)
You too give sound advice and I also enjoy reading your posts. If I can think of any more interesting words I will post them up :)
I was lucky enough to attend a BHI meeting when the talk was given by the first English guy to have made it through the Swiss watch school. He went on to work for Rolex in almost every department. He made most of his tools during his years at the school course. This guy was so clever he could have serviced a watch with some sticky tape and a cocktail stick. The old saying “A bad workman always blames his tools” comes to mind quite often when looking at Bergeon tools as the saying must work both ways, a bad workman will do bad work no matter how much he paid for his tools. A good workman can work with almost anything(apart from some of those really poor watchmakers scredrivers they sell on e-bay ;))
George Daniels had his fingers in a few different pies from what I can gather, I think he made most of his money in the beginning by buying and restoring classic cars. Omega would have paid him a lot for his co-axial escapement, not sure it would have been millions but who knows, He would either have sold them a licence to use it or received a payment for each watch made with the escapement.

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