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    hello all…………got this from wiki: :”After much experimenting, he patented a type of watch escapement called the co-axial escapement, which takes away the necessity to oil the escapement and has reduced friction to a very low level (since oil produces problems due to thickening). The co-axial escapement has now been put into production by Omega and has been described as the most important horological development in the last 250 years.[5]” I have personally known people, friends from my younger years, who wrote a couple of songs that got recorded and put on albums of famous musicians ( The Doors being one). It is surprising how much money people make from rather small endeavors compared to that which is expressed in the above quote. Who knows how many millions Omega paid over time for the use of this escapement; or even more millions they might have paid for exclusive rights to it? People really can make a lot of money from
    hard work, intelligence, and good ideas………..take care……stay well……………………..b