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    @digitaltripper wrote:

    Welcome to the forums JimK !! One of the BEST investments I’ve made thus far is a lathe. I think the first best investment would be Bob’s courses which took ALLOT of mystery out of clock and watch repair and lathe work!! Again welcome to the forums!!!

    Jim B
    Cedar Ridge CA.

    I agree that Bob’s course is by far the best investment.I have had the DVDs for 4 years now and have done a few watches but am ready to start making some real money with this.What I have been doing is basically buy a watch,usually running,but not always,then I do a complete restoration of the watch,including replating the case if necessary.Then I put it up on eBay and sell it.I have done very well and have always made a very good profit,but never really made it into doing it full time.I run a t-shirt screen printing shop,and that only takes about 30-60 minutes per day and is fairly good money.But I figured that if I did the watches full time I would do very well.I make on average of $75-$400 per watch,depending on what it is.I have a bunch that I am doing for a friend for basically cost of parts,because these watches are his retirement fund.I do have a couple of clocks that I want to do,but have never really messed with them yet.It’s funny you just mention pocket watches or old clocks and there will be someone who says “I have an old ____,and I was thinking of getting it fixed.” I have been told that there is no money in this,but I have been doing quite well at it.I wish I had taken photos of the watches that I have done,they all turned out beautiful,and took alot less time than one might think by looking at them.But like I said,I want to try out a lathe to make balance staffs etc. on it.It would just be so much easier to do it myself and not have to search around and sometimes come up emptyhanded.