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    Hello folks, thanks for the great follow-up’s. I will go back to work. I’m sure I’ll put a call out before long. I forgot to mention: I always go as far back in the train as it takes to see I have an even and “robust” source of power. I have had the pallet off of all the watches that are sitting back there shaking their fists at me. De Carle’s reasoning for checking all 15 teeth w/ respect to their “fit” w/ the entrance stone is to make sure that the escape wheel has not gotten out of round. Another book I am reading mentioned that it was important to make sure that all the teeth had worn evenly. Here is another loopy question: if a person wants to replace parts by bringing in parts from a parts drawer, how close does the measuring have to be? If an escape wheel matches up in every respect visually, what do you have to mic besides the obvious basics: diameter, width and length of shaft,?? With a camera and a good image editing program I can superimpose them upon each other. Would that be good enough? I’m probably way off here. thanks again………..take care all…………………….b