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Hey Phil, Congrats on the promotion, Do you think you would have gotten the promotion if your boss didnt think you were going to be good at it???? He must trust you and he likes what your doing ;) . Of coarse, at any job there is the fear of messing up and it is my opinion that having some of that fear is good (at least for me) because it can drive you towards being better at what you do. But, as we all know, things happen and we have to learn our lessons 🙄 and correct any mistakes remembering that it is not the end of the world. instead of saying “I hope I dont ruin something” try saying to yourself “I will do the best job I can for this customer” stay calm, take your time, concentrate, stop if your not sure, keep learning, ask lots of questions and have fun :D . So, in the end, yes, I do get that fear on everything I work on (especially something that parts are not available) but I try and harness that fear by concentrating and thinking positive. I recently started to work on the pocket watch and have a few of my own to start with, 1st one I took apart, the collet on the hairspring broke 😯 at the point it was pinned, I didnt like the idea of that happening 🙄 . Now I guess the only way to think about it for me is that I am going to learn how to solve that issue, now if that would never happen how would I ever learn to do it?????? :D Be good, have fun, stop worrying. William

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