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hello alwood7, Alan, welcome, I know what you mean by jumping in with both feet, I too started out with clock repair as a hobby but soon after it became something much more…..completely exciting 😮 , fun 😆 , works the old noggin 🙄 , calming ;) , challenging :geek: , rewarding :D , fascinating 😯 , and more!!! about your bent pivot, Paul is right on as always and I would stress, be gentle ;) I have been brainstorming possible other ways to check your pivot if you do not have a jewelers lathe. maybe by chucking it up in a drill press???? or 2 same size blocks so that you can turn the wheel on the arbor ends and watch the pivots as it rolls, carefully adjusting in small increments until no visible wobble. Basically trying to get both pivots to have the same center by using something to measure that. have fun, William

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