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Bob Tascione

    Hi William and Kenny,

    Yes by all means put these posts up here anytime!

    I’m sorry but I don’t know what those letters would mean William. My first guess was that SD might mean “short drop” but your clock is definitely not a short drop so scratch that theory!
    The movement sure looks E.N. ‘Welshish’ to me. Welsh made a movement (I have one) that looks just like yours but I think mine has E.N. Welsh etched into the plate. It’s up in San Diego so not able to check and compare the two. I think Gilbert did make a similar one though so…also I wasn’t aware that Gilbert even made an “Eclipse”. I think Welsh made and then Sessions continued (Sessions took over Welsh somewhere after the turn of last century) to make that model. That doesn’t mean Gilbert didn’t make an Eclipse and/or that movement…just means I didn’t know they did! Maybe it’s possible that Sessions continued that movement without putting a name on it? Maybe the transfer on that glass is a new one and possibly incorrect? I’ll dig around tonight to see if I can find some info on it. Also I thought I was losing it when I looked at the opened door in your pic and the writing wasn’t reversed. Didn’t realize you had removed the door!
    I just got back today so I’ll check a few books tonight after the dust settles around here.