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    Thanks for all the help Bob, I will check out those links now.
    I use photobucket for hosting my pictures so I would imagine my pictures are fairly safe, I have been using them for the past 8 years and fingers crossed have never had a problem, and its free :) Never any harm in backing up though!
    I will make sure the mechanism is spotless and running smoothly before I get to the pendulum and weights, dont worry about that Bob.
    I have wanted a longcase clock ever since I was a little boy, there just seemed to be something magical about them. I hope you all enjoy my progress and I will make sure I keep this thread going with updates as they happen.
    The hour wheel bridge is a casting but like you said, if it cracks when I straigten it then I will turn a new one up and rivet it in.
    The funny thing about the pendulum is that one of the main parts of your videos that has stuck with me is the pendulum section.
    I am away for a short break this week so not sure about internet access, if I go a bit quiet for a few days you will know why.
    You all be good and I will be back soon.
    p.s. there are a couple of longcase steel rod type pendulums on e-bay at the moment, I will be keeping a very close eye on them ;)