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    One of my best tools is a two-row magnet…it helps to find all of the parts on my floor.
    There’s nothing wrong with “assuming the swiss position”…we’ve all been there, and I can share your history of digging for parts in the carpet, only to find the part next to my elbow,..or hiding behind something else on my bench.
    One reason to keep them free of clutter, although some may say that improves the possibility of it being “captured” by another tool ?? 😮

    I’ve used PB blaster on car parts, never tried it on a watch movement piece.
    It’s pretty aggressive though, so I would caution you to get all of it removed from the part,..maybe even using some denatured alcohol in a jar other than the one you normally use, before you put it into the solution you usually use. You won’t want to transfer any of the contaminated cleaner that may have some PB residue into your normal cleaning solution.

    I’m with Bob, that the spring is for your setting lever..but as he said, a picture will help.
    Jules Borel sells an assortment of them on their webpage…