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    “I’ll Get By With a Little Help From My Friends”
    Hi Bill,
    Obviously make sure all of the rust is removed, if you have got yourself some pegwood now great, if not you need some and peg out all the pinion, jewel holes etc. Check all of your jewels very closely making sure none are chipped or cracked. Check the mainspring isnt “set” and if it is get a new one ordered. Once the mech comes out of the ultrasonic just have a good look at every part, and extra stubborn dirt and grime must be removed. Thats about my limit with watches but someone else will jump in with the extra info. Pieces flying off across the room? If that doesnt happen then something is wrong :) Even repairing clocks this happens, I love hunting around the floor for small pieces, its one of my favourite pastimes ;) I have a laminate floor and I can usualy hear in which direction the piece bounced away in. There are two schools of thought of flooring, dont laugh this is gods honest truth, some like a hard floor so they can hear the parts bounce and others prefer a short pile carpet so the parts dont go far.
    Any way good luck with the watch Bill and I look forward to see how you get on with it.