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Bob Tascione

    Hi Charles,
    I don’t remember (which means almost nothing) seeing an Omega movement that doesn’t offer a way to release the crown when the case is opened from the back. I’m curious which movement you have. Can you post the calibre number up here when you have a chance?
    I usually use a large modified nipper tweezer to remove them (visualize a finger nail clipper which we’ll get to in a second). I ground down the sharp jaws so that they became dull enough to prevent marring the stem. Then just slide it over the crown and clamp down a little on the stem using a little finger pressure and pull straight back. Works everytime!
    Now for the finger nail clipper. A large straight jawed nail clipper will also work great if you un-pin the lever and then hold it in the same manner as the nipper type tweezer that I mentioned above. You should also dull the cutting edges as sited above. The only problem with the nail clipper is that most are curved in the front for clipping nails. It’s a fairly small radius which might not work on larger watches without some modification. Some of the older ones are straight so maybe you have one laying in a drawer somewhere. If so you’re ready to go!

    Hope this is helpful Charles,