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    I would like someone to check my comparison on this.

    Based upon the moebius chart found here: http://www.ofrei.com/images/moebiuslubricatingchart.pdf I am trying to cross reference with Novostar oil in lubricating my pocket watch (1923 illinois 17 jewel size 16).

    Pallet Jewels – Novostar B
    Escapement Wheel – Novostar M
    Balance Staff – Novostar M
    Centre Wheel – Novostar B
    Grear Train – Novostar B
    Barrel Arbor – Novostar B
    Wall of Barrel – Novostar Barrel Grease
    Winding Mech. – Novostar Winding & Mainspring Grease

    Does this look right? Am I missing something?