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Bob Tascione

    No problem Gary,
    I could have easily been wrong about Waterbury not making a chime movement until years later. I was just going on memory which in my case should never be trusted! :D
    Sorry for not getting to this earlier but have been away most of the day. I’ve been sitting here scratching my head over this one for a little while and just can’t figure out what could be happening. If this is the normal 8 day count wheel striking movement then I think the minute hand being positioned on the square of the center wheel arbor (minute arbor) would always stay in sync with the lever release cam (or release pin) that lifts and then releases the J hook (J lever) as this cam or pin is also secured to the minute arbor. When the J lever is lifted by the cam the strike goes into warn and then the strike will begin as soon as the lever drops off of the cam. The relationship between the two should never change. So if the strike occurs at say, 10 o’clock then it would have to occur no later than one complete revolution of the arbor, which would be 11:00. The cam could be slipping but that wouldn’t be so consistent. Now obviously I’m wrong because it’s happening so…I’m wondering if it’s possible that your movement is something different. Waterbury made a rack & snail too. Also a 30 hour. Could it be one of these? Would it be possible for you to take a few pics of the movement ie: outside, and between the plates?
    It may just be that my mind isn’t working well right now (long day!). I’ll think on it for a while tonight to see if the fog lifts a bit.
    For the mean time maybe someone up here knows what’s going on and can help with some ideas or suggestions.
    Cheers for now,