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    You say that you are winding it, and then it starts losing after about 3-4 hours, correct ?
    I have a 56′ Seamaster w/ the 491 calibre movement.
    At the risk of offending you ( as I do not know your level of expertise), can I offer the following ?

    Did you use chronogrease between the mainspring bridle and the barrel, so that the mainspring is “dragging” the right amount on the outside wall, thereby tensioning ( winding ) the spring properly ?
    Are you wearing the watch after you wind it ? The manual says something like only winding them about 10 turns initially, and then assume that you will wear them right away to keep them winding further.
    Not doing either of these could contribute to your loss of time…

    Thanks for entertaining my ramblings,…hope you get this sorted out.