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Bob Tascione

    Sounds like you gave it your best pkamargo.
    Short of finding someone with an EDM machine to burn it out I can’t think of any other way to remove it.
    If the hole you drilled isn’t deep enough then the other fix I mentioned in my previous post is a very easy option for you considering your excellent lathe skills.
    You would need to cut the end of the arbor off just beyond the depth of the carbide drill. You could then make a more or less double ended pivot (see pic). That is one end would be the pivot, then a body would be the same diameter as the arbor and it’s length would equal the length of arbor material you removed (shoulder to shoulder). You would need to drill the hole depth to equal about 3 times the diameter of the PLUG end. File a small flat on the plug to allow the air to escape when you press it into the arbor. If you would rather not press it into the arbor you can always make it a snug slip fit and solder it into the arbor. If you’re not comfortable drilling into the arbor again then you can reverse the process by drilling the hole into the shoulder of the extension pivot (rather than having a plug) and turn back a shoulder on the arbor for the part to fit over. If you make the body of the part the same diameter as the arbor and the shoulders perfectly square and polish everything together the repair shouldn’t be noticeable. It will also be strong as the plug length AND the shoulders will support it.
    That’s a quick fix but you may be able to come up with something better.
    Good luck pkamargo and please let us know how things turn out.