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    I also have questions about mainspring lubrication.
    -Sometimes after cleaning and lubricating the mainspring winds and unwinds smoothly as it should do. But sometimes both winding and unwinding will run in jumps, the spring sticks a while and then suddenly release. I can’t get a reason for this.

    -Oil or grease? When looking at suppliers catalogues there are so many options and so few information that I feel too hard to choose what to order.
    Personally I don’t like using grease, I feel like it lets appearence of something still dirty….
    Sometime ago I purchased Keystone mainspring lubricant, it is a thick oil sold in ‘medium’ and ‘light’ versions. I ordered ‘medium’. It is a good lubricant but I still didn’t come to a conclusion on how much is the ideal amount to apply. So I put a lot of oil, wind and unwind some times and then wipe out what semms to be the excess. Not sure this is a good way.