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Bob Tascione

    reply to Clam71 and Samspade

    First…good to hear you’ve got wheels again clam71!
    In answer to your question about assembly tips on a full plate 18 size pw I’ve copied a post I made on a previous thread and will paste it here.

    “The full plate watch can be a little tricky when it comes to assembly as compared with 3/4 plate and finger bridged movements. It can be tough getting the pallet fork situated during assembly. One tip on assembling them that works great for me is to assemble the movement “upside down”. There probably isn’t really an upside down so I guess I mean the opposite way that you would assemble a 3/4 plate. By placing the watch on the holder with the balance cock side down (leave the balance cock and balance off at this point) towards the bench surface I find it much easier to build the wheel train and install the pallet in place. You can then place the dial side plate on and line up the arbors by viewing between the plates. Just a tip but it does seem to work well for me.”
    Hope it works well for you.

    Good tips on the ultra sonic stuff too! Thanks clam71!

    Hi Scott,
    Thanks for the follow up on the sawdust and the J. Bulova book.
    Great book!
    I’d love to try that sawdust but afraid it would never get here if you sent it. Mail service down here in Mexico where we are located (sitting in a boat yard for another week) is really iffy at best as is my internet connection right now! We should be back in the water and sailing to a new location soon where internet is much better…I’ll be more active up here on the forum when the connection improves.

    Enjoy all and thanks for being here!