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    Bob has some great ideas. I have a locksmith security business that is successful due to word of mouth and no ads. In my current business people usually check the yellow pages based on an emergency situation or they are checking prices. They will call every company if they have enough time. My customers (and I believe Bob’s as well) are all word of mouth and they know we are not the cheapest, but the best. The best way I found to “get the word out” is hit the pavement. Make some nice marketing materials. By that I mean spend a little money on professional literature and color business cards with a picture and it will bring you two fold. In regards to going after the fifty plus market… Thay are your best audience. If you live in a community with a home owners association or can speak at some meetings of like minded individuals, you can show them why they need clock maintenance as apposed to just waiting for their clock to break.
    I hope this helps.