Geneva Stop Work

Geneva Stop Work

The Geneva Stop Work known also as Maltese cross was a major contributor to timekeeping accuracy in both Watches and Clocks. The stop-work mechanism when used with older high carbon steel springs effectively ‘clipped’ or disengaged the end portions of a mainspring where extreme torque variation occurs leaving the middle much more constant torque flat portion of the mainspring to power the gear train.
This simple easy to manufacture design made the Geneva Stop Work an inexpensive, commonly encountered improvement on both watches and clocks.

I tried to show as much as possible using animation so I hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to know more about how the Geneva Stop work works and how to go about setting mainspring pre-tension.


This video covers:

  • Geneva stop work purpose
  • Theory on why ‘clipping’ the torque off of the ends of the mainspring is important
  • Ratios
  • Setting up mainspring pre-tension

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