Lorch 6mm Watchmakers Lathe

[ShowSalesProof ID=1][/ShowSalesProof] Great little Lorch 6mm Watchmakers Lathe Stefen unpacks and explains his Lorch 6mm Watchmakers Lathe and tooling attachments. These excellent high quality lathes can still be found online for rather low prices along … Read more

Wooden Timekeepers

[ShowSalesProof ID=1][/ShowSalesProof] Wooden Watches Get free info packed Clock and Watch Repair reports in your mailbox. Just opt-in using the Blue Box on the right side of this page. Your email Will NOT be given … Read more

Silver Clock & Watch Biz Report 5

  [ShowSalesProof ID=1][/ShowSalesProof]There are many different forms of advertising but some just work better and are more cost effective for a service type business than others and some that worked well many years ago no … Read more

Silver Clock & Watch Biz Report 4

Today we’ll begin covering ways to acquire repair work. I’ll cover some of the different ways I’ve brought in work in the past as well as some venues a few clock and watchmaker friends used … Read more

Clock & Watch Biz Report 3 Silver

I started to write about the many different ways you can bring in repair work but after putting down a couple of sentences I realized that I had forgotten to cover a most important subject, … Read more