Watch & Clock Repair Biz Report 6

Watch Repair Tools What you’re getting in this report is actually a partial excerpt from the text section that is included in the online Watch Repair and Ultra Course, with a few small changes. In this report we’ll be covering mostly watch tools but if your interest is in clocks I still recommend that you read this as some of …

BobWatch & Clock Repair Biz Report 6

Clock & Watch Biz Report 5

There are many different forms of advertising but some just work better and are more cost effective for a service type business than others and some that worked well many years ago no longer produce decent results in this high tech day and age. So what is the best way to bring in work? Aside from word of mouth, which …

BobClock & Watch Biz Report 5

Clock & Watch Biz Report 4

Today we’ll begin covering ways to acquire repair work. I’ll cover some of the different ways I’ve brought in work in the past as well as some venues a few clock and watchmaker friends used and have shared with me. This will most likely be too much information to cram into just one report. It is such an important subject …

BobClock & Watch Biz Report 4

Clock & Watch Biz Report 3

I started to write about the many different ways you can bring in repair work but after putting down a couple of sentences I realized that I had forgotten to cover a most important subject, a subject that could make the difference between your success or failure with your business. Notice that I said between ‘YOUR‘ success”, not the success …

BobClock & Watch Biz Report 3

Trouble Shooting pdf’s

Clock Repair Trouble Shooting pdf Watch Repair Trouble Shooting pdf

BobTrouble Shooting pdf’s

Clock & Watch Business Report 2

Today we will address the second question on the list: When will I know it’s safe to begin repairing for others? As I mentioned in yesterdays report, most clock and watchmakers that have been repairing for many years still learn something new every day. Somewhere along their learning curve they had decided when it was time to repair the first …

BobClock & Watch Business Report 2

Clock & Watch Repair Report 1 Hello , Thanks for choosing the “Repairing Clocks and Watches for Profit” report series. It’s good to hear that you have a desire to carry on this old and fascinating trade. If your interest is mostly as a hobbyist or collector but you were curious to see what tidbits of information you might glean from these reports then that’s …

BobClock & Watch Repair Report 1