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bernie weishapl
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It does at that David. I know I have to change my mindset when I switch to work on a watch. I know you can’t strong arm things with watches that you can get away with on clocks. These days I don’t care to work on anything smaller than 12s watches and would prefer to work on 18s and 16s. I know I probably will not get into commercial repair of watches anymore but I like them and collecting them. Most of what I have are pretty common watches and I will buy at estate auctions, etc. and do sell a few here and there. I quit working on them for the last few years as it was getting harder and harder for me to see to get them apart or back together. Now I am happy that I can play with them again and will buy more at mostly auctions where I can get them at a decent price. That way I can clean, repair and if I want can sell them it will be mostly to customers that I do clock repairs for.

Happy Fathers day to all. Enjoy the day.

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