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bernie weishapl
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Hey Chris so far the eye’s are amazing. I just need reading glasses for small stuff but it is amazing I can now actually see a balance staff without double loupes just my reading glasses. 😆 As for projects I also do woodturning as a hobby/business. I just completed a order for about $800 this week for the Buffalo Bill Cultural Center. Nice thing is they pay me for the items upfront at which I give them a 30% discount so they can make some money to. Most of the wood I use is free wood so I make out pretty good. I also have my turnings in 3 galleries and only get paid when they sell. Last year all total I made over $6500 just in woodturnings and a little over $15,000 on my clock work. All this along with a pretty good size garden. We didn’t buy a veggie from the store all last winter. So yea my watches may be on the back burner till things settle down. Summer is extremely busy for me especially in the woodturning projects.

Anyway enough babble. Just some more projects but just wanted to try it again now that I can see good. 😆