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chris mabbott
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Haha not at all payback buddy, the LOL is because these bloody roller jewels are always a pain, almost everyone I know, who has changed more than a few in their time, still curse, cry and end up on their knees looking for the jewel..

Mainly because we’re not doing them frequently, maybe twice a year, so getting the technique down pat is not possible, only on a as needed basis. So everyone is, in effect, the first one haha

You’ll get lots of different answers regarding cleaning, too many, which can confuse you, to me it’s a personal choice, as long as you follow the guidelines, don’t use any thing that will destroy the parts and you ;-)

With this black finish you have, you might have to…..

1. Run it through your sonic again at a lower temp with proper, clean fluid.

2. Use a mild metal polish, by hand, to remove the black, then rinse with soapy water, put it some naphtha etc..
Then put it back on a mild cycle in the sonic..

Cleaning a movement manually can take 8 or more hours, at least that’s what it takes me, but I’m not in a rush either.
But I completely disassemble everything, hairspring, roller is removed always for cleaning the balance.
Capped jewels are removed and the settings cleaned and polished. All recesses are polished and lightly burnished by hand. Winding stems are removed, polished and greased etc etc. that doesn’t include the case interior, redoing the bezel threads.. Lol
But that’s just my way because I enjoy it :-)

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