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chris mabbott
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Yeah Paul, we’re comin to get ya 😈

Of course you didn’t upset moi, not at all :) It was a good open question that provoked some good responses, which is what its all about. Love it.

But that’s the nice thing about this forum & the people contained within, I think we all do our own thing, the best way we can, and no one really judges our way/style/results. Everyone is supportive here, which again, is how it should be. Help and advice is freely offered and no offense is taken if someone finds their own way.

Kinda reminds me of when a bunch of us used to get together in someones garage or basement to work on some project, there was always differences of opinion but in the end it always turned out, and a good time was had by all, of course with cases of Molson Canadian strewn around the next day 😆

The only problem I see here is that the beer is missing :? and the Tunes I’m a link