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Good points Paul, yet what are the most repairs that are done on a old clock case? in my experience it is re-gluing a joint because it has come loose. I have to ask the question….. is that because of a original glue that comes loose in humidity? or heat? ect…Is it possible that a clock being glued together with a better type of glue 150 years from now would still be together as if it were built yesterday?

O.K. there is the case of the falling off the wall clock and a doors joints become loose, same reason? maybe…maybe not. If the rail or style has busted in half then you have to make a new one and there are ways to use the saw and re-cut the remaining joints so type of glue has little issue.
@Arutha wrote:

gives future restorers/repairers the chance of re-fixing something

of course Paul I will jab at yah a bit…..if it was done right the first time then…….. ;)

whether the clock is valuable or not…with pride in craftsmanship a refurbished clock case will have NO sign (or at least very little) that it has been fixed and unless there is some sort of test done, NOBODY will know what kind of glue was used.

to what you said about “punched pivot holes” I have seen clock cases fixed that have slobbers of glue run out the joint and dried, pieces that were 1/8 of and inch apart or askew, foamed up gorilla glue that was left. the list goes on and on. If anything that kind of craftsmanship reduces value, just like punching holes….I dont think the comparison of punched holes to type of glue can be made. @Arutha wrote:

to be cursing me for sticking cases together with glue that can’t be undone

could also be foul language for having to reglue the joints again…… ;)