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Howdy, @brianw wrote:

there are a number of different types which has left me somewhat confused

That seems to be with everything nowadays, want to find something like toothpaste and you have to search a isle full for 45 minutes, I start getting dizzy, short of breath and my legs start getting wobbly. anyway here is what I know of the titebond glue.
@brianw wrote:

titebond liquid hide glue

never liked it, did not work as well as the hide glue I would mix up. use this on parts you would want to move or possibly change in the future.
@brianw wrote:

titebond 111 ultimate

not sure what this is but sounds like the ultimate 🙄
@brianw wrote:

titebond 111 ultimate waterproof

use this on items that will be outside, counter-tops or anything that will possibly get moisture.
@brianw wrote:

Titebond original, Titebond 11 original

These are what I have always used on furniture, I tend to get the original original stuff…..I tried the titebond 11 but I wasnt used to its consistency and dry time so I went back to the original, but thats just me, the original has worked well for many years for me.
Remember, a good clean joint, a proper amount of glue and pressure will be stronger than the wood itself. As a side note, some of the quick set glues are miserable to use in my experience, and I WILL NOT use gorilla glue, in my opinion it is worthless, also it WILL expand and make a huge mess if you are not careful. Use your imagination when clamping, masking tape can be used very effectively. Always test clamp before gluing together and you’ll save yourself a few hairs on your head. If you want to keep original to the period then you should look into the real hide glue, mix in warm water under low candle light. I think that if they had titebond or some kind of wood glue back then besides hide glue, they would have used it…as a benefit with hide glue it will tighten up the joint being glue as it dries, makes a very tight, nice joint. this is why luthiers use it, also that they may change the position of a object or remove a glued piece to get underneath it. .have fun and keep it together :ugeek: , William

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