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Tom, I could do with all the help I can get :) Dont be too hard on yourself, which you are doing if you are messing with cheap movements, they are great for learning about the parts and placement etc but trying to get the things running can be hard, especially in unjewelled movements where you could be looking at bushing to get them running well. I have bushed some of the cheap dollar watch type movements and yes it can be done but it is tricky, there is a lot to get wrong!

Chris, when I say this is clean, it is clean, I have been fanatical about it as I wanted the best chance of success, yes the mainspring is gleaming and is lubricated with the best manspring nectar Moebius could provide and I am 99% sure it has its original mainspring(which was in very good condition forming a nice big “S” shape when it came out apart from a few inner coils. I have not tried adjusting the regulator yet but will do today to see how much difference it makes.
Symptoms when I got the watch were it would run for about 4 seconds when I got it due to gunk, dirt and dried lubrication. This watch has been worn a lot in the past, most of the gold plate was missing from the case and as I said before does not look like it has ever been opened.

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