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Thanks for the answers Tom and Chris :) Maybe I should stick to clocks! ;)
The watch I have just finished is a Gents Greville 21 jewel pin pallet with centre seconds, very strange movement, the minute wheel is attached to the barrel and runs the canon pinion, the first time I put it together I couldn’t work out why the hands were not moving, took it back apart and realised the canon pinion is driven from the minute wheel which is attached to the barrel so after spending a good 20 minutes staring at it blankly, my subconscious gave me a clip around the ear and said look at the minute wheel and not the canon pinion. So looking at the minute wheel I could see it was just spinning, there was no friction so I gave the rivet that holds it on to the the barrel post a few hard prods with a rounded punch and got just the right amount of friction. All working lovely but just running a bit fast. I could see from the state of the watch that it had never been touched, all the screws were perfect, not a single mark anywhere and also just a single bend on the hairspring where it exits the stud, usualy a good indicator of it being messed with.
It is not a movement of the highest quality but like Tom, I am just glad to have got it back together and have it running. These are not my pics but it is the same watch.


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