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chris mabbott
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Again, I agree, I hate like hell to “modify”, it’s my last resort, so I’ll probably do what I love to do, hunt :D

That’s a good point Paul regarding friction, but if we look at the formula to determine the coefficient of friction between two dynamic or static objects …

Ff = µFn whereas …

– Fr is the resistive force of friction
– μ is the coefficient of friction for the two surfaces
– N is the normal or perpendicular force pushing the two objects together
– μN is μ multiplied by N

Contact area is not a factor in determining friction between two objects, whether static or dynamic.
Friction is dependent on three factors..
1. The normal force between two objects in contact i.e. the component force perpendicular to the contact surface.
2. The specific materials involved which determines the coefficient of friction. in this case steel and mineral
3. Sliding with respect to one another, whether the friction is static or dynamic.

I’ve never seen in any of the equations involved in classical mechanics where the area of contact is taken into account.
So I would think that all things being equal, as in the alignment of the pallet to this particular movement, size of the arbor, shaft length in relation to determining the stones mating surface to the escape teeth etc etc… That it should work 😆

But like all things watch related, it will cause me blood, sweat & tears, not the band ;)
Now I’m going to kill computer generated baddies on my newly arrived.. Wolfenstein New Order game Mwuuhuhuhuh 😈