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OK, here’s John C Duebers answer to the challenge, some may even say, the call. He was a character and it seems he was always up for the fight, never one to lay down and quit, he used the same model, basically, and added 2 more jewels, made it an open face and added “Special Adjusted” to enter his creation into the new requirement market. Do we know exactly what “Special Adjusted” means? Frankly I don’t 😆 but it was enough to be qualified as a RR watch under the new regs.

Hampdens are pretty underrated by many collectors, but they are extremely good timekeepers & tough as nuts, that along with the interesting history of JCD, make them, at least for me, one of the most fascinating of the American PW manufacturers.

This one, I think it’s funny, it’s the same thing as above, just that now it qualified, freakin hilarious that guy, the bombasity :D For me, that is what makes the American watches so damn interesting, there was a war raging, a time war, kinda like Dr Who, Paul knows who that is ;)

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