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William and David,
if it was a click issue the spring would just instantly unwind as soon as you released the crown and would not set the train running. There is power getting through to the train and for it to run freely means the issue has to be in the train, there is nothing to stop the train which is either the pallets damaged/missing, escape wheel missing or a wheel has become loose on its arbor. Easiest way to determine if there is a click issue is to remove the movement and put a piece of pegwood against the 3rdor 4th wheel and see if the click works when you wind the mainspring, if the the wheels are still spinning this would suggest a loose wheel on its arbor.

Edit. after reading what Chris has said again, that he can only get one turn on winding before it unwinds, I think it could be a combination of click spring and train issue. If the spring is unwinding that quickly then that would indicate a click issue but even so, some of the power is getting through to the train and, because of the way the train is behaving, it would suggest one of the issues I have advised of. If the watch was wound to full power, the click gave out and let all that power through the train I am betting that rather than bending teeth and jamming up there was a wheel in the train that had a poor rivet to its arbor and with the sudden rush of power is now just spinning on its arbor allowing the rest of the train to run.

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