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chris mabbott
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David they have a bad rap here too, for delivering damaged goods or sometimes not at all!

One guy on a military forum I’m on, purchased a very expensive medal from a collector in the UK, I think its value was around 12000 euros, he shipped it to Holland via UPS, it never showed! When both of them attempted to make an insurance claim, UPS informed them that there was no such item in their system, regardless of the paper work that the seller provided proving the contrary.
Apparently the UPS clerk in the UK was busy and didn’t enter the transaction into the system!
Both the buyer and the seller opened a law suit against UPS and they won the cost of the FULLY insured item, plus damages. So a little victory, but still, the hassle they went through.

I don’t know if UPS made an internal investigation, because in the end it cost them a good deal of money and a bad rap. One of the things that I never agreed upon is any mail service placing the value of an item for all to see, on the front of the box/envelope, it’s like saying … HERE I AM, STEAL ME.. 🙄