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chris mabbott
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It’s a kinda double edged sword, there is shipping with tracking and there is shipping with tracking AND signature required upon delivery. Obviously the cost is different but, at least there is physical proof that an item has not been received, or the contrary.

As this refund policy is via PayPal and not through ebay, as a singular entity, regardless of the fact that PP owns eBay, this policy is only effective if you meet at least 2 or more of the following…

1. You make your purchase through PP

2. You have selected tracked/signed for shipping.

3. You open an official case via eBay/PP

4. You obtain a form from your local PO staring that the tracking number has not arrived at that location and therefore has not been delivered.

5. You have received an invoice from the seller confirming that your details are correct.

It’s easy as long as civil communication is made but there is always more involved, as the Paypal service is being dropped by many businesses due to lack of seller protection.
I’m sure for every 20 honest people, there is one dishonest one who will claim that they did not receive their goods even though they did!

Really, most times the seller is left holding the bag because a buyer tried to save a few $$ on shipping.
It happened to me once and painful as it was, the fair thing was to request a 50% refund as it was the post that failed, the seller fulfilled his obligation. Since then I bite the bullet and select the more expensive but secure mode of postage,

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