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david pierce
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Yes, the seller told me that they put a claim in with UPS. UPS may or may not have paid the seller but I never received my money back or the item I paid for. Something is extremely wrong here. Ebay advertises a “buyer protection gurantee” to put buyers at ease when purchasing items from Ebay. Ebay should have refunded my money as they advertise on their main page. Their statement says “receive the item or get your money back”. Since the tracking information was not able to produce my signature as receiving the item, it should be obvious that I did not receive the item. Ebay told me that since the seller provided tracking information I would not be reimbursed. In my view this is disingenuous as everything that is shipped has tracking information. The tracking information does not mean that the item was received by the buyer, it simply shows the routing of the package.

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