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david pierce
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In my case I had no dispute with the seller. I paid for the item, the seller shipped the item with a signature confirmation for delivery. Aparently UPS ignored the signature confirmation request and refused to reimburse the seller for the loss. When Ebay advertised their “buy with confidence” gurantee, “you receive the item or your money back”, any reasonable person would take this to mean what is says. Ebay never advertised themselves as a buyer beware operation but as company that would allow customers to buy with confidence from the service they offer. The only action Ebay took was to try and blame the seller for the problem. When the seller produced the tracking information Ebay refused to honor their gurantee even though the tracking information did not include my signature for receipt of the item. I paid $189.00 plus shipping charges for an Item I never received. When a person or a company offeres a gurantee for something in order to get someone to use their service, this implies that they assume overall responsibility for the transaction. They should then start the process to collect from the party responsible for the problem. Instead they simply told me that I was out the money I paid for the item, knowing full well that the amount was too small to take them to court.

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