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@Chris Mabbott wrote:

Did everyone log into eBay yesterday only to find a password reset dialogue? This is the first time ever that I’ve received this on eBay, which kinda made me go …..Huh, WTF??
Then I see that someone cracked the site LOL Which was long overdue IMHO.

I’ve had a few issues with eBay, most recently it was a redirect bug, an annoying thing that when I clicked on a link within eBay, say to view an item, instead of the item, it took me to a gaming site or another completely different location.
I contacted eBay out of courtesy, to inform them, and I spent a frustrating 2.5 hrs going from one useless person to another, each time having to explain the situation, until I finally hung up lol

Ya know all of those annoying pop up advertising banners you see, I think they’re the problem as in they are flash or java based, easy to crack and add a nasty inside their code..

You might want to keep an eye open for any suspicious activity in your account, but personally I think it was more of a Point Made attack, as in.. Look how unsecure your site is LOL

The real issue would be if somehow the hackers gained access to your PayPal account through the eBay site. That’s what I worry about. If that happened it probably won’t come out anytime soon.