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Hey Chris, long time bud. How’s your new project coming along? Your new machine looks like a jewel, had any time to play with it as of yet? I’m sure you’ll have it up and running in no time. Chris I chose clocks because I have a really hard time with watches. Also I work better with larger parts, the old eye’s elude me with the micros of wrist watches especially the ladies watches. However, I do still enjoy working a good pocket watch every now and then. I collect the old railroad watches, but now If by chance I can afford one I’ll buy it in working condition. But here don’t run cross them to often. People now days have no nostalgia, If it’s not some big gouty watch on their arms that look as though it should go into their pockets instead of on your arm they want nothing to do with it. (Youngsters) and when you do see them at flea markets anymore they want way to much for them, with the con job of saying my grandfather owned this and I know I seen the very same watch in the local Rite Aide store. LOL. Oh and don’t mention the old farts who think your stupid when it comes to them buying what you have. Yes they want it for almost free.

I also enjoy sitting in my little shop listening to my clocks ticking and chiming. I hear my progress as it drives me to repair more. Everything is a learning experience and I’ve chose clocks to be my babies. I see that you are really into your German artifacts, my father also collects military memorabilia also. He’s 88- 89 now and has quite a bit stashed away. His dream is a luger. Have you ever run across any of them? He has a bunch of rifles bayo’s and medals on display in his house along with medals I did see one Iron Cross hanging also. Oh and swords. He spent 23 yr’s in the military, Korea and Nam retired a 1st Sgt with the Special Forces and he still put’s the fear of god in me if I mess-up, he’s a bad man in my eye’s. Nothing but respect for him. Well buddy, I’ll let you go for now. Gonna get ready to go to the cemetery and give a shout-out to all of my fallen comrades in arms. You have a wonderful day and enjoy yourself. Be talking at cha, Ed.