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bernie weishapl
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No problem Ed. I will get it out on Tuesday. I am not sure how well it works as I just wanted to check it out before I decided to put in a new one. I don’t like selling modern clocks without new movements in them especially with a 2 yr warranty which is my standard. But it is complete and everything is original so at least to that point you may take it down clean it, etc. then reassemble it. It may or may not work but you will know all wheels, levers, etc. are correct. One other thing is that the mainsprings need to be removed to be cleaned and checked so be careful doing that. I have a Ollie Baker mainspring winder that I use on mine. You can remove them by hand but doing that they can cone on you so be careful and use leather gloves.

Anyway Ed have a great weekend. I am headed for bed as the grandson and I will be fishing by 5:30 am in the morning. One of life’s great joys. :mrgreen:

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