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bernie weishapl
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By the way Ed I have a 340-020 that I took out of a clock I bought. It had some bushing put in by someone else but it is complete. I had it apart and put it back together again. So it is correct. I replaced it with a new movement in the clock it came out of because when I sell a clock I give a 2 yr warranty I wanted the case to have a new movement. I would send it to you and you could compare it to the one you have and as William suggested it is a very common movement in modern mantle clocks so I would practice taking it apart and putting it back together till you can do it by heart. When I disassemble the plates until I got comfortable with them I would remove the front plate and each train (wheels) would get wired together separately. So you would have three trains (wheels) wired together. I take the wheels off one at a time and polish the pivots then wire them back up in order that they came out. After everything has been cleaned and you are ready to reassemble you can put each wheel back in its place and be sure they are correct.

So if you want it let me know and when I get home Tuesday I will get it in the mail. I will only be home a couple of days then off to my nephews wedding.

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