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Hey guy’s. Bernie I need a sign like that here in my shop, it’s just one of my bedrooms within my house with a nice recliner chair in it. Hence, a hang-out really. I took out the bar stool to make more potential clients a little more comfortable. Since then, I have realized, no one takes your business as more serious than you. Going to check into your web’s also. Just haven’t had the time as of yet. Trying to overcome this clock issue right now. Surly will get on it as I become more confused. ;) (Putting back the bar stool). :D Enjoy life daily Bernie and best wish’s to you and yours.

Yea William, I to knew my Mattie Mattel 16 like I knew the alleys and streets in Trenton, NJ. But my Springfield 45 and the worst command ANY solider can hear is, FIX BAYNETS always was my favorite. As a former paratrooper, jungle expert, LRRPS/with Ranger Tab, I have always chose close quarters combat. 45’s are good for close quarters. But my bayonet or my British commando boot knife has always been surgical and extremely efficient. (Creep-up from behind and avoid the splash.) Anyway, All that you have mentioned I do and have done. I would like to have this movement to tear down/clean and reassemble, sleep with it, eat with it and pat it and say how sorry I am to it( IF BY CHANCE) I drop it, to get to really know it. What doesn’t come from training surly will come from practice along with more practice and training. :D This form, the people on it along with willingness, drive and hard core tactics, it will soon come into play, oh and confidence. You guy’s along with your professional toot ledge, how can anyone in here go wrong? You guy’s/gals are great. Thank you all, Ed. 8-)