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Hey Ed, yes as Bernie has said the fork has to be set up just right, the guard pin cannot hit the roller. My best guess Ed is if he had taken it apart then the chime may be set up wrong, most likely there could be a bent pivot or pivots (easy to do on these), still real dirty and sticky. Have you taken the mainsprings out of the barrel? Do you have the snail? just looking at the photos I see the chime is possibly in warning ready for strike, If you move the minute hand until the lift cam/ star cam drops the lift lock lever, what happens? any movement of the chime train? if not can you put light pressure on one of the wheels to get it going? also the rack all the way down (push that up a few notches and see what happens, I myself would repair a movement like this. If I may tell you Ed what I did when I first started, I bought a used movement similar to this and spent many hours in practicing dissasembly and reassembly taking notes, pictures ect… to fully understand how it functions, Kind of like tearing down the M-16, after awhile I could do a total disassemble and reassemble in under a minute, and that was blindfolded. I am sure you are right there with the M-16 too. practice, practice, train and practice….. Reason I mention this is alot of people have these types of movements, in having a business repairing clocks I imagine almost 60% or better are Westminster chime movements, and a good portion of those are the Hermle brand. Have a good weekend Ed and all, William

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