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bernie weishapl
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That clock Ed is the same as the 340-020 hermle movement. I can tell you on those old ones that only one size of fork will work in those clocks and the adjustment must be precise. The forks must lock precisely also or it won’t work. Here is a write up on the adjustment of the floating balance.

Here is the one I keep by my bench that I use from time to time. Look at the picture that has 3 of them. The picture with the – and + sign look at the fork and how it sits. That will give you a idea of what to look for.

As far as the strike being locked up you will just have to start either from the top side or the 1st wheel and see which one is stuck. I am guessing if he took it apart and didn’t put the wheels as they came off on a wire to hold them in order he got them switched. Really easy to do. If it is locked up one or more of those wheels is not going to move and would look to the chime side to see how it is working.

IMHO I would replace the movement myself and if he didn’t want to I would just hand him back the clock. I have a sign that says, if you watch me it is a extra $25, if you give advice on how I should do it, it is a extra $75 and if you worked on it before me it is a extra $125. 😆 😆

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