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chris mabbott
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@willofiam wrote:

So almost 100 years later and billions of dollars, what are they using now to help people with cancer? just wondering, William

Exactly, it’s a business, what do you mean find a cure, why would they want to do that 😆
The painkillers have improved but mostly it’s still morphine or morphine based, which eventually kills you anyway, I suppose if ya gotta go you might as well go ripped 😆

What about love apples? That’s what they used to call tomatoes in the early 1800s, they were thought to be poisonous and create all kinds of bad effect, other than death 😆 they were banned in the US until someone ate a basket full in public, and didn’t die 😮
It appears that religious art gave them a bad rap as they were seemingly portrayed as the evil apple that eve ate, ya know, from the tree of knowledge, and the last thing a deity, or even a government wants, are knowledgeable people causing trouble by asking…. Why, why, why 😆

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