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Going from what David said, I found the following:

“Moebius 8000 is actually a natural oil, specifically a mixture of mineral oil and neatsfoot oil (from cow’s feet) and is essentially the natural oil equivalent of their synthetic version 9010. The chart below gives their basic recommendations.

To be complete, since it may not be entirely natural, their MSDS states it is composed of paraffinic hydrocarbons with natural esters (neatsfoot oil) with the additives 1.3% 2,6-di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenole, <1% p,p-dioctyldiphenylamine barium sulfonate-mixture, and 1% polyacrylate (viscosity improver)."

So, it looks like you could use Mobius 9010 as a substitute. However, I have also seen in one of the previous NAWCC issues (I cannot remember which) where the author of the article did a viscosity comparison and came to the conclusion that certain motor oils work just as well as some of the expensive Mobius synthetics.

Good luck with the project – please keep us up to date.

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